To some degree, everyone is toxic. Lifestyle choices determine how toxic each person is. The body systems are constantly at work trying to remove toxins. How well these systems function is also dependent on lifestyle choices. The healthier you live, the better your systems function, and the cleaner your body is.

If you live hard, you’ll get dirty and stay that way long. So what can you do? If you’ve been dirty and you decide that you want to get clean, there are three approaches you can do, each of these approaches yields different results that can be measured.

  1. You can do nothing except stop ingesting toxins and let your body do its job with no additional support.
  2. You can increase fluid intake by increasing your daily intake of water and other healthy fluids. You support your body’s system in removing toxins.
  3. You can use detox products. Most detox products do support the body’s natural cleansing processes. But, given the wide variety of ingredients and ambiguous directions, you never know exactly what you’ll get.

Why you should be careful when using detox products?

Detox products are one of the major hypes in fitness and weight loss industry. While our body is full of additives and toxins due to the food we consume daily that leads to various health problems, detox products won’t actually “detox” your body. A few take could help in the process, but detox products won’t do the heavy lifting and can even make things worse.

In 2007, Sense About Science reached out to different detox brands to figure out what exactly was the toxin that their products were targeting? After talking to these manufacturers, the researchers came back with absolutely nothing. In other words, detox product claims for weight loss, beauty treatments or fitness are still questionable.

Detoxifying is something that all people can benefit from. Instead of using detox products that may contain certain chemicals and synthetic ingredients, opt for natural method and healthy living.